The World as I See It

I can’t help it:
I watch the world, I read the news,
I let all these urgent messages crash through my head.
I imagine among them I hear the noise of voices
straining to outshout each other’s prayers.
I ignore it all, like a disgusted god
like a regretful creator, totally over what he has made.
But did I make this world?
This world of shadows that fears the darkness?
THIS sad place?
This prison of people who didn’t ask to be born?
This block of inmates, clinging to familiar shreds of reality like steel bars,
like boundaries, like borders, like walls containing life?
Is this, as they say, all there is?
It is not!
I refuse to let it be!
This same world can be, at times, a beautiful place,
because it exists beyond our despondent prisoner’s grasp,
because sometimes, instead of holding on to the only things within reach,
we let go entirely,
and we begin to move,
and we discover that our borders are vague,
that our reality is not steel, it is not concrete,
that we are our own disgusted gods, totally over our creation,
and that our prison has no walls 
that we do not erect