The Knowledge it Takes

Was just walking around Luling, Louisiana, thinking about how much you have to know to really understand a place, when I found the perfect example on the wall of a lumber warehouse (pictured). So, to understand what this sign means, you have to know:

1) English, as well as the particular English-speakers’ proclivities in the region, i.e. RE: dropping letters, hardening sounds.

2) The vernacular meaning of an otherwise nonsensical phrase, in this case expressing a nuanced feeling of ecstatic disbelief mixed with pride.

3) That the symbol represents the New Orleans Saints football team, who won a Super Bowl in February 2010.

Only with these three pieces of knowledge can you see this sign and feel pretty confident that it was originally erected in February 2010 as a dropped-letter, hardened-sound, vernacular expression of the region’s esctatic disbelief and pride at that time. Funny thing is how if you’re from South Louisiana, you don’t think about all that: you just remember where you were, February 2010. Everything else happens behind the scenes.