Television Memories

Imagine all the television shows living on like ghosts in the cacophonous subconscious of media-saturated America: the classics, yes, but also the ones that never aired for a whole season, and the ones that managed to drag on pointlessly for years, and the epoch television events that became national experiences, and the obsessions of course, the cult classics, the ones that should have made it, but didn’t, because they were ahead of their time, or just a little too weird, too niche, too…well, you know: free thinking, whatever that means, and what that means is that all those stories, all those hours watching and feeling worked to form, on those nostalgic floors and couches and recliners, who you are, and so you are not totally yourself: everything we send out into the world finds a home, usually harmlessly, in other people, where it does become a passion sometimes, but more often a memory, or feeling, a cult classic in some weirdo subconscious video store, like a hunch or a habit usually lost in the noise of everything else, or disassembled into its constituent elements and sewn throughout the tenor of the great arcs of our lives’ own seasons.