July 3 NYC 

New York City. I emerge from underground, look up for the sun and find the skyscrapers instead, then mutter, apparently aloud, something about assorted temples to various American gods. Then they’re your gods too, a man says. Me? You’re American, ain’t you? Well, it’s not that easy: way I see …

Long Day

Long day today. Did that on purpose: woke up with a tired brain and my body was jealous I guess so I probably ended up walking for over three hours, roaming Alkmaar and taking pictures, enjoying the bracing, cool weather and the way the streets and buildings here are becoming familiar.

Photo Gallery: Mexico City

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The Rain At Home

Dusk is falling out the window: my feet are tired, my body aches. I’m staring, bleary, sighing, slowly, sipping a beer, welcoming the evening air, and I am in New Orleans, and Golden Meadow, and Mexico City, and Amsterdam, and Delhi, and Phnom Penh, and Tokyo, and it is raining, …