Photography That Treats Dementia

It’s tempting to think of art as a purely aesthetic pursuit, a process that generates beautiful things to hang on the walls of galleries and homes, but artists, can use their skills to create art that does other things too. In this case, Laurence Aëgerter has collected photographs, both his and others’, to create a book that, in its strange pairings, works to keep the mind active, treating dementia. It’s inspiring to see such cross-disciplinary work; the world needs more of such boundaries blurred.

– via Hyperallergic

The Mechanics of Familiarity


When we look at each other, we see faces, we recognize them and we read their emotions, and thats just our memory working its magic, right? Not quite. There are two parts of the brain at play: recognition and familiarity. Its not enough to recognize a person’s physical appearance, we must also be able to connect in a familiar sense, connecting memory and appearance with emotion. When this connection is severed, our closest family can seem like imposters. Alternately, when we live in an online world where these familiar connections are absent, we lose the ability to sense imposters, and everyone seems so familiar.

– via Nautilus