The Mental Tyranny of Expectation

This opinion column by Nigerian poet Ben Okri raises an interesting point: through a social expectation that writers of color should write about oppression, slavery, or injustice, are they being pigeonholed away from a space to be creative? This is obvious and easiest to understand when talking about writers of color, but the problem applied to artists of any group. The greatest art comes from complete freedom of expression, and while that expression may, at times, be influenced by the history of the artist, expecting their art to directly address that history at every moment limits the artist’s voice, and their potential.

– via The Guardian


There’s this thing: I hate it. I mean I love it. Inspiration. It’s complicated. It favors you a while, you’re inseparable, it tells you these sweet lies you’re desperate to believe and it convinces you this will last forever. You accept this all too readily. It promises you the whole …

The Beautiful Imperfection of Vintage Cameras


Theres no question that modern photography has improved leaps and bounds in quality over its earlier incarnations. But though today we have ultra-high resolution and super-fast shutters, have we lost something genuine in the imperfections of photographs? After all, photography is art, and a camera is a manmade machine: perhaps the quest for the perfect representation on an object through an image is misdirected…

– via Hyperallergic