RE: Your Bumper Stickers

Yes, I was smiling as I walked by, because I was looking at all those bumper stickers on your truck, and, for a second, I felt like I knew you–or at least who you wanted to be known as, though honestly even that manicured intention seemed stretched here, glossed over there, even possibly contradicted once–and so I was wondering if I’d been overthinking things, if maybe all of this, these bumper stickers, the world, this life, really was simple enough to reduce down to scattered statements, and I had a big smile on my face, I guess, like I was on the verge of receiving some epiphany. Do you find nothing of this world so confusing? I was jealous, for a second there, of your wisdom, smiling, until you spoke as I walked by, as if to compensate for the inadequacy of all those bumper stickers. I still don’t know you, of course.