The Rain At Home

Dusk is falling out the window: my feet are tired, my body aches. I’m staring, bleary, sighing, slowly, sipping a beer, welcoming the evening air, and I am in New Orleans, and Golden Meadow, and Mexico City, and Amsterdam, and Delhi, and Phnom Penh, and Tokyo, and it is raining, …

Reining in Wanderlust 

I work hard to fill my life with positive information. Both on and off the internet, I make sure that the ideas that cross my path inspire me and serve as constructive stimulation. In this vein, I’ve learned to seek out art, literature, and travel. This works pretty well. When …

Letting Nothing go to Waste

Japanese dinner table

I love the Japanese concept of mottaini: letting nothing go to waste, or, more poetically, “waste not, want not.” There is a lot to admire in this approach to life, especially when it comes to food. When you consider the resources it takes to produce food, it seems absurd that we waste even the smallest bit. Yet we do.