My People

Every now and then, there is some scandal in the news, or some great injustice that ripples across society and generates a variety of reactions. Some people react with rage, others with indignation, some with apathy, still others with sadness. My reaction has been the realization that these people, the people making news, the people who attack them, the people who defend them and the people who live rapt in every move of all of the aforementioned, by and large these people are not mypeople. Now I’m under no illusion of normality. I don’t claim to be average, or even within the bounds of any predefined demographic set. I know that my opinions and choices are considered strange by many, and this would feel lonely but for the realization that people like me, conflicted people, my people, are out there.

My people are a breed of outliers by any measure. My people are the thinkers, the curious, the conscious, the seekers, the explorers, the lovers, the wide-eyed and wide minded. My people value effort, breadth and depth, new ideas, action when necessary, inaction when advisable, and other people above all else. My people would rather understand than control. My people know no single nation, no single faith. My people travel the world,but they never leave home. My people are imperfect and they know it, so they never stop improving.

My people are beaten down in the fight against the ignorance of the normal, yet my people persevere with joy and enthusiasm. My people carry the burdens of unrealized hopes and impossible dreams. My people know their battle is not about victory but being present. My people are perpetually unsatisfied. My people are trapped in their heads and their lives, but have full control of both. My people are misunderstood, misused, mistreated and misquoted and my people don’t really care because the only people my people answer to are themselves, and they are much harsher judges than anyone else.

My people are rich and poor, they run companies and nations, own factories, mop floors, pick fruit and pump gas. My people drive cars, ride subways, bikes and airplanes, walk, and run. My people own homes and pay rent, shop at the mall and the market. My people feel comfortable in their surroundings and feel out of place. My people have friends and family. My people had social networks long before the internet and they often go through life never realizing there are others like them. But there are.