Idle Talk


Realization: I’m tired of being confined to the incredibly limited dialogue around me. All anyone talks about are events, people, politics, opinions-made-facts-made-battle-cries, and yes I know these things can often be important, but where is the talk about ideas, or, god forbid, life itself? These latter topics are what lend the more popular subjects their apparent importance, yet we take a basic understanding of life and the world around us for granted. I don’t know anyone who truly understands life, and though many have convinced themselves they’ve got the world figured out, they’ll never discuss it, because one’s grasp of such weighty topics is always timorous and thus not lightly questioned. But these topics – life, meaning, purpose, existence, order and disorder – don’t have to be weighty; they can be lighthearted and fun and adventurous, that’s up to us, but dammit they have substance: they are the foundation for everything, and so they must constantly be questioned. We shouldn’t so readily ignore things we can never definitively proclaim, that intimidating impossibility is a sign, a flash of neon in the dark that says “THIS IS IMPORTANT,” begging us to explore further! Only artists seem to understand the necessity of this exploration, and few people see this value in the arts. Without these explorations, without these discussions, we’re just herd animals, and every day I go online, every day I walk down the street, this becomes clearer. We must actively, continuously navigate existence, not merely be content to subject it to a once-over, roughly categorize it, then state an opinion on it like that’s the final word. I’m resolving to point my work and my words, both written and spoken, in this direction, because life is not idle talk, it is the most essential conversation we can have with the world and each other. What form does this life take? How do I propose and intend to talk this talk and pursue this conversation? Speculation and debate? Strings of logic or past centuries of rationalization? No. That approach may be fine for some, in the same way that for many, gossip is sufficient content for conversation, but for me, my explorations and discussions must take the same form our own lives take: we are all, after all, stories in progress, and so our attempts to explain and understand should also be built as stories. I’m here to build stories.