Megalopolis Boundaries

What major city holds sway over your little town? This algorithm has seen all the data and it’s just itching to share its opinion. Disagree? Don’t leave an angry comment here, take it up with the algorithm: I’m sure it will be happy to tell you what you can do with your weakly human, data-ignorant opinion.

– via Web Urbanist

Fighting for Journalistic Freedom

Just a reminder that witnessing is a powerful act, and that recording what one witnesses can influence who’s voices are represented in history. This is why journalists are so important: they are our witnesses. In America, journalists are protected by the Constitution, which means at least they have a shot at fighting charges in court, but in Egypt, they walk a dangerous line between recording reality and being forced to pay for the fear that this reality engenders in the government. Mahmoud Abu Zeid, or “Shawkan,” is a journalist, a witness to Egyptian history, and for that, he is in jail.

– via Huck Magazine