Protoje – Blood Money

Protoje is one of my favorite working artists these days: he gets everything right about reggae in such a spectacular modern sound, with an incredible lyrical talent and a wide open heart. This is his  hard hitting new single, “Blood Money,” and I love it. The song was written in response to the political situation in  Jamaica, but wisdom is universal and Protoje has always had plenty of that, so there’s some powerful solidarity in here with people struggling for justice in any nation. Check it out. 

Gentrification vs Placemaking

Gentrification is bad, but placemaking is good. Except when placemaking results in gentrification, which it usually does. Turns out the way that cities change is really complicated, and this article scrapes the surface of that complexity. If only we could reduce the whole convoluted process down to a convenient paragraph we could recite to strangers when drunk at parties.

– via Arch Daily

Megalopolis Boundaries

What major city holds sway over your little town? This algorithm has seen all the data and it’s just itching to share its opinion. Disagree? Don’t leave an angry comment here, take it up with the algorithm: I’m sure it will be happy to tell you what you can do with your weakly human, data-ignorant opinion.

– via Web Urbanist