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Jeremy AvatarHello, my name is Jeremy Martin, and I’m a writer fascinated by place. Place is much more than a result of geography, it’s a product of history and culture too. It is a complex concept; we shape place and it shapes us. Think about your hometown: your idea of this place is more than where it is or what it looks like. Your experiences, memories, feelings, and the stories you heard during your time there shape your impression of your hometown just as strongly as the buildings and the land.

The problem, as I see it, is how to capture the lifetimes of experience and connections that create a place. In my quest to do this, I walk, I meet people, and I learn about their cultures. All of this finds a home in my fiction, essays, and poetry, which strive to put a finger on what makes “here” feel so much different than “there.” Though I am an avid traveler, I’ve learned that the challenge of describing place is not limited to unfamiliar locales; even trying to capture your hometown can be a daunting prospect. Actually, in my experience, the better you know a place, the harder it can be to capture it.

I’m always working on something. I’m always learning and exploring. I consider the pursuit of my passion for places and the people who make them unique to be a lifestyle, one I am fortunate to lead. My profiles, contact information, and various examples of my work can be found below. If something you see gets you thinking, I’d love to talk with you about it.

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Please feel free to contact me by email at jeremy@restlesslens.me

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