About Jeremy

Jeremy AvatarHello, my name is Jeremy Martin, and I’m a wanderer, writer, and whatever else day-to-day life requires. I am fascinated by place, by the journey, by the diversity of ideas and experiences in the world. I believe in listening to and telling stories, in that order. I believe in compassion most of all. I try to always be learning. I live simply and move nearly constantly, which is how I prefer to live, and I’m fortunate to be able to.

Me, Online

The Restless Lens – My very own website. You are here.

Culture Curious – My wife and I run this site, which focuses on travel, place, and culture. It’s a continual work in progress.

Photo Journal – Day to day photos on VSCO in stream and collection form.


Please feel free to contact me by email at jeremy@restlesslens.me